Water equipment warranty policy
The customer is given a warranty on the equipment purchased from an Arabi company according to the period, terms and
conditions set out in the table below:

# The product Duration of the
Warranty terms The warranty is not covered
1 The central system
which consists of:
1) Pressure pump.
2) Central filter
(sand or
3) Central heaters.
4) Circulation pump.
5) Pipes.
A comprehensive guarantee for
a period of three years Except
Central heaters give a
for a period
of five years against leak.
Heater elements have one
year warranty only.
1) Warranty is
given only against
manufacturing defects.
2) To be operated by
Arabi Central System and
Equipment with 3 phases
only). The customer pays
employment wages in
the event of his request
to operate monophonic
equipment with 1 phase
by Arab company.
3) The presence of a
canopy or a room to
protect the
equipment from weather
4) The presence of
electrical floats inside
the tank to protect the
pump from damage in
the event of a water cut
5) Correct installation for
both entry and exit of
water to and from the
central system.
The sizes and diameters
of electrical wires
and circuit breakers shall
be in accordance with
the specifications of
Arabi Company.
7) The warranty will be
made to replace
the defective spare parts.
8) Inner diameter of
the pipe the same
pilgrimage of entry and
exit of the equipment.
9) The company is not
responsible for
transporting the
equipment on the iron
10) The inlet pipe to the
sewage is not less than
70 cm from the bottom of
the sewage.
1) The central system or one of
the equipment has stopped
working due to a malfunction
in the electrical current in the
house or the absence of water
in the tank.
2) Re-program the central sand
filter due to power failure.
3) Replace the filter elements.
4) The pump stops working due
to the presence of dirt, sand
deposits, or a blockage at
the inlet line or inside the
5) If the equipment was opened
for the purpose of
maintenance outside an Arab
company maintenance center.
6) Empty water tank for
Long periods during the
warranty period that causes
the tank to dry out and the
7) Having more than three
elbows connected to the slit.
8) The presence of (fabrics –
wood – nylon – metal cans – a
quantity of fats) inside
the sewage and rain pumps.
9) Cleaning the sewage system.
10) Faults resulting from a
malfunction in the electrical
system or the use of an
irregular source of electricity
2 The pressure pump. One year.
3 Central filter (sand
& elements)
One year.
4 Central heaters. Five years against the leak except
for the elements It has a one
year guarantee.
5 The circulation pump. One year.
6 Sewage pump. One year.
Water tanks. From 3 to 10 years depending on
& Supplying company.
8 Water tank chillers Comprehensive year.
Five years on the
9 Water Purifiers
One year. 1) The warranty is against
manufacturing defects
2) The installation and
operation shall be
carried out by the
3) The replacement is
made for another
product during the
warranty period when
there are defects that
cannot be repaired (with
a report from the
1) Switch elements.
2) Misuse.
3) External damage to the device.
4) The compressor.
5) Transfer the water filters from one
place to another.
10 Residential
Water Heaters
(50L, 80L, 100L)
5-years warranty on leakage
1-year warranty on the
cartridge and thermometer.
In the event that the water
heater breaks down or
leaks during the warranty
period, the water heater
must be sent along with the
purchase invoice to the
service centre to work on
repairing it or replacing it if

• Warranty policy for power tools

The product Duration of the warranty Warranty terms The warranty is not covered
Power Tools 1) This product is warranted for a
period of 6 months from the
date of purchase against
manufacturing defects.
2) Air tools and farming
equipment are guaranteed for
one month only.
1) Please bring the purchase
invoice with
the warranty card if the
product is still under
2) Regular maintenance is
necessary so you can
guarantee the safety of your
1) The use of an irregular
source of electricity.
2) Misuse and overloading the
3) Parts and accessories
4) Leased equipment.
5) If the machine is opened
outside the Makita service
6) The use of the machine
without lubrication from time
to time.
7) The use of non-original parts
or accessories.
8) Accidental damage.
9) If the machine serial number
has been destroyed or
The warranty does not include the
following equipment:
1) A heat gun.
2) Pressure pump for washing.
3) The battery.

Conditions for replacement or return
It is entitled to the customer replacement or return items purchased during the 15 days from the date of purchase invoice
according to the following terms:
1) The original invoice / collection voucher must be presented and the original declaration paper and technical data for the water
heaters must be returned.
2) The materials to be returned or replaced must be in the same condition as when purchased with the original packaging in good
3) Damaged, used, or misused items will not be replaced or returned.
4) No electrical parts will be replaced or returned.
5) The company has the right to calculate all the costs related to the transportation, loading and unloading and deducting them from
the total refund.
6) The bank commission, which is estimated at 5% is deducted from the refund value in case the payment is made by K-net or any
credit card.