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Circulating Pump UPS 25- 40N 180


The Grundfos UPS 25- 40N 180 (K) range of canned rotor circulator pumps are specifically designed for heating systems.

The pumps are also suitable for the circulation of domestic hot water and for the circulation of liquid in cooling and air-conditioning systems.
They are available in stainless steel (N), bronze (B), and twin-head (D) versions, as well as the high-efficiency USP2 with advanced control modes.

Benefits & Features:

  • UPS pumps are more advanced models operated at three different speeds and are used for central and district heating systems.
  • Primarily used in one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems, UPS pump types are also suitable for mixing loops in large systems.
  • The stainless-steel pump housing protects from corrosion damage to your pump.
  • Low noise operation and built-in electrical and thermal protection of the pump, ensuring your comfort and safety.
  • Long lifetime – set it and forget it
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Available with stainless steel or bronze pump housing


  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Commercial heating
  • District heating
  • Cooling
  • Industrial heating

Voltage / Watt
220-240 V Rated power – 0.12 kW
1-phase 50 Hz

CM Pump 5-4 Horizontal Multipurpose


Grundfos CM 5-4 , horizontal multistage end-suction centrifugal pump with axial suction port and radial discharge port.

The shaft, impellers and chambers are made of stainless steel.

The inlet and discharge parts are made of cast iron.

Benefits & Features:

  • Self-Priming Design – ideal for pressurizing water from above or below ground water sources
  • Compact and adaptable solution for easy installation
  • Equipped with dry run protection – automatically stops if water source runs out, avoiding pump damage
  • Manage easily with our user-friendly control panel
  • Quality stainless steel body to ensure long life
  • Experience comfort with low noise operation


  • Private homes/villas
  • Gardens
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Small office buildings

Voltage / Watt
220-240 V Rated power – 0.93 kW
1-phase 50 Hz

CMBE 5-62 Compact Booster Pump with pressure tank 2 L


The CMBE is a booster set that provides constant water pressure for domestic and light commercial applications.

With a CMBE booster set in the building, end users will no longer be bothered by fluctuating water pressure and they can even adjust the pressure manually.

The pump is compact, easy to install, and has very low noise levels.

can be used for single-family homes, two-family homes, apartment buildings, schools, and smaller hotels and office buildings.

Benefits & Features:

  • Equipped with dry run protection – automatically stops if water source runs out, avoiding pump damage
  • Experience comfort with low noise operation
  • Strong build – Stainless steel shaft, impellers and pump housing ensure long service life
  • The integrated speed controller keeps a constant pressure in the pipe system. The control panel makes it possible to change the water pressure manually.
  • Private homes
  • Summer houses and weekend cottages
  • Farms
  • Market gardens and other large gardens.
  • Blocks of flats


  • Schools
  • Small hotels or guest houses
  • Small office buildings

Voltage / Watt
220-240 V Rated power – 1.72 KW
1-phase 50 Hz