Conditions for replacement or return

It is entitled to the customer replacement or return items purchased during the 15 days from the date of purchase invoice according to the following terms:

  1. The original invoice / collection voucher must be presented and the original declaration paper and technical data for the water heaters must be returned.
  2. The materials to be returned or replaced must be in the same condition as when purchased with the original packaging in good condition.
  3. Damaged, used, or misused items will not be replaced or returned.
  4. No electrical parts will be replaced or returned.
  5. The company has the right to calculate all the costs related to the transportation, loading and unloading and deducting them from the total refund.
  6. The bank commission, which is estimated at 5% is deducted from the refund value in case the payment is made by K-net or any credit card.